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Your Environment cannot provide Irish Waste Carriers Licences

Register or Renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer

You must register for an Environment Agency Waste Carriers Licence if you transport waste, buy, sell or dispose of waste or you arrange for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste.

If you carry other people's waste then you will need an upper tier waste carriers licence.

If your own waste is construction related (e.g. bricks) then you will also need an upper tier waste carriers licence.

It lasts for 3 years, and is a fixed fee.

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Upper Tier Waste Carriers Licence

This is applicable for most persons carrying waste. Examples include Plumbers, Waste Carriers and Gardeners. Builders and construction related trades will also need an Upper Tier Licence

Apply for only £229.99 + VAT

Lower Tier Waste Carriers Licence

You will need to be registered as a Lower Tier Waste Carrier if you carry your own waste. We can do this for you for FREE

Call us on 0800 319 6869 and we will ascertain if your business activities fulfil the requirements of a lower Tier

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